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About Me

You should read this carefully.

Ever since I can remember I have thrived off my female sexual power. From the moment I walked through the door of my first fetish club at 17, sexuality and power has always been an integral part of my life.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than using that power... over you.

As you enter my world, you will find yourself under the gaze and tutelage of an attractive, intelligent, well spoken Mistress; a well known and highly regarded model and performer on the international fetish scene. Come experience one of my wide areas of expertise, from gentle foot worship, to role play, psychological control, chastity or severe corporal punishment.

"I am not another internet Domme. I do not hate men..."

Rather, I love taking my slaves on a journey of sensual discovery. Many have experienced shame for their desires. I believe that the antidote to shame is empathy, and my gift to you is Erotic Empathy.

My role is to help you embrace your sexuality and thrive in the pleasure and freedom I give you.

Don’t be fooled by my gentle demeanour and soft voice. My dominance comes from within- an urgent and insatiable need to control and passion for sexual deviance.

Be warned: I am intoxicating, addictive... dangerous.

My interests and specialties:

My style of domination is sensual and erotic. I’m tactile and love touch. Whilst I can be sadistic and a touch cruel when the mood takes me, my approach is kink positive and nurturing. I am a pleasure giver and a pleasure seeker, and I like to take pleasure from play as much as give it.

I love erotic spit play, sensory play, anal play, sensory Deprivation, tease and denial, foot worship, oral fixation and psychological play, as well as impact play. But mostly I get off on the power exchange so most session types tend to excite me!

*Please Note
My sessions are very real, and occasionally, not for the faint of heart! By submitting to a session you agree to accept all responsibility for your health and well-being. Please make Me aware of any medical issues or previous injuries which may be aggravated during a session when booking.

Which kinks pique your interest?

If you see something that interests you, why don’t you get in touch?

Anal Training
Adult Baby
Ball Busting
Breath Play
CandleWax Play
Chastity / Key Holding
Corporal Punishment
Dog / Puppy training
Domestic Servitude
Double Domme Sessions
Face Sitting
Fantasy Roleplay
Fetish Event / Club Companion
Financial Domination
Food Fetish
Foot / Leg / Stocking Worship
Foot Gagging
Foot Domination
Forced Bisexuality
Forced Feminisation
Glove Worship
Hair Pulling
Leather Worship
Maid Training
Mummification/ Cling Film
Nipple Torture
Pantyhose / Nylon Fetish
Sensory Deprivation
Shoe / Heel / Boot worship
Smoking Fetish
Sweaty Feet
Strap On
Tickle Torture
Tie & Tease

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