Actas Enterprise Agreement

“Negotiations have been going on for some time, but I am very pleased that it is over and I understand that the paramedics on site are also very satisfied with the agreement,” he said. Mr. Gentleman announced that the ACT government has signed a new agreement on business negotiations with ACTAS, including a new Tier 2 ranking. ACT paramedics receive a pay increase after signing a new collective agreement (EBA) with the ACT government, which includes a planning committee to change schedules, annual leave and flexible working rules. “The new ACTAS corporate collective agreement includes investments in staff, employment opportunities and health, wellness and safety initiatives,” said Gentleman. “I very much appreciate the service of our paramedics, and this agreement will mean that they will have rewarding careers with the ACT Emergency Services Agency, where they are well trained and equipped to do their important work.” Klaus Pinkas of the transport workers` union, which covers ACTAS workers, said the new collective agreement for businesses was “a long time.” The announcement came two weeks after the ACT government reached a historic agreement with the firefighters` union following a long-standing standoff with ACT Fire and Rescue, which took union action during the EBA negotiations. Please note that all comments produced or posted here are linked by the terms and conditions of online discussion. These are the last of 10 ambulances equipped with new radios and electric striker extenders. Emergency Services Minister Mick Gentleman has not yet released details on the pay rise, as the EBA has yet to be agreed by Fair Work Australia. ACT Ambulance Chief Howard Wren says the additional resources will mean a reduction in wait times across the ACT.

They deserve everything they get and more, plus loads and a lot of thanks from the entire emergency services community Minister Mick Gentleman and ACT Ambulance Chief Howard Wren say the new resources should lead to a reduction in wait times. Photo: Comes. Three additional ambulances were added to the ACT Ambulance Service (ACTAS), complementing the government`s commitment of $14 million for the 2018-19 budget to hire 30 new paramedics and accommodate 10 new vehicles. . “It`s a smoother ride and a smoother load,” he says. “We know that paramedics do an incredible job for the ACT, they work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and it`s great to be able to support and support them with the new equipment.” New electronic media for ACT ambulances will reduce the burden of ambulances and improve patient comfort.