Inanna Studio Manual

Everything you need to know about Inanna Studio.

Helpful Information

Additional notes

  • You may arrive and leave half an hour before and after your booking to allow for after care, clean down etc. I will come then to clean etc, so please inform me if you need extra time.
  • First Aid is located in the slim cupboard next to the mirrors. Help yourself if there are any accidents!
  • There are scissors attached to the bondage frame in case of shibari emergency
  • There is a fire extinguisher next to the cupboard
  • There is deodorant, hair spray, face wipes, painkillers etc under the bathroom sink. Help yourself if you need them
  • There is a Bluetooth speaker on the black and gold table. Search ​SRS-XBO1
  • There are android chargers plugged into the walls. These can be used for Android phones and charging the speaker.