Inanna Studio Manual

Everything you need to know about Inanna Studio.


Please read carefully

  • Please be discreet and respectful whilst entering and leaving the building. Please be sure to enter and exit in civilian clothes and be aware of neighbours.
  • Do not share codes with anybody
  • When possible, I encourage guests to bring their own insertables.
  • Feel free to move the equipment around to suit your needs! However, please return to its original position after use. ​Please be very careful not to scratch the wooden floors.
  • Feel free to help yourself to all the consumables; lubes, condoms, gloves etc. When possible, use the basic lubes and not the Uberlube.
  • Be very careful when using fragile, dangerous or expensive equipment. Only use the electrics if you have an understanding of how to operate
  • Smoking Fetish is permitted at my discretion, please do check. The premises is non-smoking and smoking outside of play i​s not​ permitted. Please only smoke in moderation for smoking fetish. Please do not chain smoke. Submissive are not allowed to smoke.
  • You are responsible for your guests. Please be respectful with noise, keep the space clean, use bins provided etc.
  • If you will be spilling bodily fluids, please lay down puppy pads. These can be found in the wardrobe closest to the door, next to puppy play equipment. Please clean up after watersports, blood play etc very thoroughly.
  • Please just leave out any used glassware or mugs on the coffee table to be washed by the studio
  • Please leave any used towels or rope on the bathroom floor to be laundered.
  • Please clean any toys used thoroughly using the toy sprays, alcohol wipes, etc.
  • Please return everything you use to where you found it. If you are unsure, just leave them out neatly and we will do it, no problem.
  • If you use the furniture, please clean thoroughly with blue roll and alcohol spray
  • Please leave the studio neat, clean and tidy
  • Please inform the Mistress of any breakages, accidents, damage.
  • Please use coasters for glasses, not dungeon furniture!
  • Help yourself to tea, coffee, chocolate, fruit...
  • Feel free to bring your own alcohol and drink on the premises. Glassware is provided.