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Do you own a device?

No, but I will get one immediately

Previous Experience

No previous experience


No Iimitations. Work from home and live alone


i enjoy humiliation/degradation, feet, armpits, CFNM, ws/hs, orgasm control, CBT

Where is key to be kept?

As You instruct Mistress

Why should I be accepted?

Thank You for allowing to submit this application Mistress. i am a 27 year old male submissive from London, UK. i am an experienced sub and very obedient, i enjoy a wide range of kinks, however, i have never been brave enough to try chastity before. i beg for a chance to experience what it’s like having no control of a part of my body which i am so fond of Mistress. i apologise for mentioning this but i am a serial hand humper and i have been going 2-3 times a day for as long as i can remember. i beg to be placed under Your control and i promise to obey every command. Please allow me to have my first chastity experience with You and to work hard to please You Mistress. Please please please Mistress *bows*


Being filmed or recorded without permission, blackmail, public play, play involving men, needles, permanently marking on myself, hair removal above the neck, hard anal play.

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