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Cees Martens
Cees Martens
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Do you own a device?


Previous Experience

My first chastity experience was in 2002 with my ex-wife. Due to infidelity I tried to make up for it and gave her a CB2000. She waited for 3 months to apply the device after reading a lot about it. The next 6 years it evolved from short times with T&D to long periods (7 months was the longest) including T&D and cuckolding. After our divorce I had two relationships where I introduced chastity as well.


None, maybe a non payment panned business flight where a metal device or lock might become an issue (although I dealt with that before)


My kinks are cuckolding (including SPH and clean-up), forced-bi (not so forced anymore), supervised household chores and ‘real’ punishment for bad behavior. Fetishes are: feet, face sitting and smelling dirty underwear.

Where is key to be kept?

Considering the fact that I’m in the Netherlands and You in the UK, I propose a numbered plastic lock or a BT enable vault.

Why should I be accepted?

After 18 months without a keyholder and following you on Twitter I believe I’m ready to have an online experience with You. You seem to genuinely enjoy this practice and You know what You talk about. I believe You have put together a working and comprehensive program and I’m looking forward to earn enough points so I can get my tiny dick (locked and all) on the Eurostar to the UK. Also, Your beauty will keep me focused on You. Out of experience I know that because of they and the fact You locked me up, there will be only one woman in my life: You!


Blood, hanging up-side down, games with heavy physical impact, scat and electro play above the waste line. I’m not mentioning the obvious no-go areas that common sense dictates.

Cees Martens
Locktober Submissions

Day 1

Hello Mistress Adreena, Please find attached the link to the video where I locked myself up for You. I’m delighted to be part of Your Locktober activities this month and I’m sure that I can have the discipline with You as the keyholder. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0TM_NfZ5v_5Uv51u10KhLNcoA#'s-Hertogenbosch Have a great day! Cuck Cees

Day 2

When I want a release (which is not quite often) I regularly play the images in my head of the second date I had with my previous girlfriend/mistress/Cuckoldress Anna. The first date (I met her on Tinder) was at My House where I cooked for her and where we talked until early hours. We figured out we had quite some mutual interests and BDSM and cuckolding were part of that. On the second date she asked me out for dinner. She picked a nice restaurant where we were able to continue our concession. After dinner we walked to my car. She asked me if I wanted to have another drink somewhere or if I was interested in something exciting. At first I was hesitating, it was only our second date but I corrected myself and said I wanted something exciting. We went to my car and I started to drive. She told me left, right, straight ahead and we drove out of town to, what it seemed, the middle of nowhere. We ended up in a small village and I parked my car in front of a house. We stepped out and walked to a door that opened without seeing somebody. We went in and the next hour was a blast. Behind the door was Hugo. I good looking man. He let us in and Anna pointed to a chair that was in de middle of the living. Hugo tied me to the chair like if he’d done that more often and within minutes he undressed Anna en himself and he forced his massive rod into her mouth. The dominant Anna melted for him and he could do anything with her, which he did. I had a first row view of one hour of steamy hot sex. When he came inside her she looked me in the eyes and said: “her used to this because you’ll never get this, now lick me clean. I was so excited and licked and sucked her clean with the pure “falling in love” passion. They both got dressed and we left without saying a word more then what I described above. Back in the car we looked at each other and said “wow, this was amazing” almost at the same time. This ‘movie’ plays in my head when I want a release and it works fast, I often cum in under 3 minutes. We broke up after 14 months which was good for both of us. If You would be interested in why, let me know, I’ll explain. Humble regards, Cuck Cees

Day 3

Wow, a twin sister that is also kinky. That is amazing. I’m sure we’re not slowed to ask questions but one question comes in my mind. Why did the two of you didn’t see each other for 3 years? Having two wonderful and beautiful women holding the key to my chastity device is a dream for most of us I guess. Double trouble U would imagine. Certainly I hope the both of you come back to us this month with double trouble. I’m looking forward to it. Humble regards, Cuck Cees PS: the reason it was impossible to respond this weekend was is that I’m manager of a party location where there were the first big events again last weekend. On Saturday there was the well know B.I.T.C.H. party and yesterday a big corporate event. A lot to manage and only 3 hours of sleep.

Day 4

Beautiful Mistress Adreena, This was real tease. Browsing through Your preferred brands of Lingerie/Latex/Leather really was amazing. You're right, seeing all these models in beautiful outfits made my Holy Trainer full and painful. Shopping for You and with You is a blast. Your perfect body makes everything beautiful. It is You that makes the design, not the other way around. It must be such a pleasure to shop with You real-time as everything You put on becomes a piece of Art on Your stunning body. I know that Your task was to browse Your shopping list. It will probably cost me points but I want to start with a Dutch Latex Designer (also a former Mistress that I served a long time ago) named Brigitte More. She runs shows at several Fetish Fairs in Europe, Canada and Japan and has great designs. All is couture made to order, her website (http://www.brigitte-more.nl/) is only for inspiration, I picked one design that I my opinion fits Your body, ink and style perfectly and will make You stand out at every Fetish Party around the world. It is the first uploaded file. The second choice as a gift for You is also not from Your list so I'm diverting from Your taks completely now. However, since You are so into locking up men's penises I thought this would be a nice gift that all locked men should so for You if You grant the them the gift of being their keyholder. It is (again) a Dutch jeweller that crafts everything himself. A true gold/silver smith that loves chastity himself and he started to make custom keys for men in chastity to gift to their keyholders. His website is https://chastity-shop.com/ and I picked one that I believe fits You perfect and would be the one I would gave to You if You would give me the gift of becoming my permanent keyholder. It is the second file I uploaded. Now, finally the third one is picked from Your favourite latex designer Atsukudo. The designs are overall very nice but I picked this one because I love the style that is very 'chique'. With this dress I believe Your perfect body is accentuated but also the art that is part of Your skin is also still visible. The combination of the stylish dress, Your beautiful ink and Your perfect body would make any man very proud to walk next to You (or in my case, behind You). The fourth pick is another one from Your favourite designer Honey Birdette. It's a lingerie set that would make my penis hurt so much in my cage when I would see this on You. My first love is Latex, my second love suspenders with nylons and in this case it almost looks a combination of both. Again, You'd make this set look like a million dollars and it would make me clear that I'm only there to serve You and that You are unreachable for me. The fifth and final pick is a dress of Lady Lucy. I love dresses and I was looking for one that looks very feminine and is going to look much better on You then on the model that is showing it. I believe the designer should book You as a model for this dress and it would sell 10 times better. This dress would be great for a High Tea with other Mistresses where a few selected slaves in chastity would serve You all in any way possible. You'd be the star of the day in that dress and the slave that has the honour to accompany You on that occasion will be so proud, humble and submissive on/to You, that he will never get that picture out. Thank You for this task. It was an honour to shop for/with You and the task certainly did what it was supposed to do; it aroused me in a painful way but it is a pleasure to suffer for You. Humble regards, Cuck Cees

Day 5

Beautiful Mistress Adreena, Wow, this video was probably just as hard for me as it was for the lucky sub James. The way You play out your magnificent beauty on his psyche where his mind wants to please You but where his manhood wants to ‘multiply’ is just brilliant. This brings me to Your question: How much do I want Your hands to hold my chastity cage? Well, my answer in words is, just like James shows in Your video, twofold: Yes, I would desperately want Your hands to hold my cage now. I want to look into Your eyes when You do so to see the joy and the beauty that You radiate because You have me in Your absolute power. I would love to be near You and to enjoy Your beautiful smile and fantastic English accent and feel the warm breath on my skin. Your enjoyment is key and I would suffer for that. On the other side: No, I would not want Your hands to hold my cage now. I don’t want to look into Your eyes when You do so and see the joy and the beauty that You radiate because You have me in Your absolute power. I would love to be near You and to enjoy Your beautiful smile and fantastic English accent and feel the warm breath on my skin. Your enjoyment is key but I cannot bear the suffering for that right now as my cage hurts already so much because of Your video with James. Goodnight and humble regards, Cuck Cees

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