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Daniel Lancaster
Daniel Lancaster
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Previous Experience

I have been experimenting with chastity play for just over a year now, I have been locked up for periods ranging from 2 days to 2 weeks. My previous key holders have used a variety of methods to ensure that I do not cheat, for example frequent daily checkups & different key holding tactics such as numbered tags, sending them a key & keeping the emergency one in a block of ice or a hollow plastic insert that goes into a cellmate which allows it to be used as a Bluetooth key safe. I now feel that I am ready to take it to the next level and complete a month in chastity.


I have very few limitations as I live alone & work mostly from home, so being severely ill & having to seek emergency medical assistance is the only scenario that I can envisage for having to remove the cage.


My other kinks are CFNM humiliation, soft CBT & corporal punishment, tease & denial, SPH & JOI. I also love most types of fetish clothing such as leather, rubber, PVC, boots, stockings, suspenders and corsets.

Where is key to be kept?

I could keep my key in a block of ice or in the hollow plastic insert which goes into a cellmate which allows it to be used as a Bluetooth key safe, the app that controls the cellmate keeps a record of when the device was locked & unlocked so whoever has control can see if I have cheated. If you are wondering why I do not use the cellmate as a cage it’s because I find them extremely uncomfortable & unhygienic, I prefer a metal cage.

Why should I be accepted?

I think that the most important aspect between a submissive and Dominant is honesty, I am always willing to push my limits but if I feel uncomfortable doing something or I feel that I can no longer continue with an activity I will always tell you. I am always polite & respectful whilst possessing the common sense to understand that you will also need your own space & time for your own personal care.


My limits are Anal insertion, forced Bi & Findom.

Daniel Lancaster
Locktober Submissions

Day 1

Thank you Mistress Adreena, as I put my cage on for you today I felt a mixture of anxiousness & excitement. Slightly anxious because this will be the longest amount of time that I have ever been in chastity & excitement as this is the first time that I have had the honour to serve you & I know through previous experience how fun & rewarding chastity play can be. x

Day 2

"I think about how much pleasure it would be to serve you in person, to be bound by my arms and legs on the St.Andrews cross, naked except for a hood & totally at your mercy. After leaving me for a while I hear the sound of your shoes entering the room, you remove the hood, my eyes are firstly dazzled by the light & then out of the blurriness I am dazzled at your beauty as you stand before me grinning, wearing thigh high leather boots & a black latex corset. You grab me by the throat whilst holding my gaze, your expression changes to a serious intensity before you spit in my face. You then run your nails down my chest & then you turn towards a nearby table & grab a riding crop. You run the crop gently at first over my chest, working your way down towards my caged cock & exposed balls. Suddenly you strike my chest, I wince a little at the stinging sensation & again your serious expression changes to sadistic satisfaction as you continue to strike by body & balls with the riding crop for what seems like an eternity, each strike seems more intense, taking my breath away as you whip my balls. I beg you for mercy, you untie me from the cross & I fall to the floor at your feet. You push my head up with the heel of your boot laughing & say “now you know your place slave, now clean my boots with your tongue.” Just the thought of this scenario makes my cock twitch in its tiny prison. October is going to be a frustratingly long month Mistress Adreena x"

Day 3

Nice to see that you have had a catch up with your sister Mistress Adreena, you must of missed each other terribly over the past 3 years & I hope you have a wonderful reunion. I find it hard to imagine that there are two of you as the first thing I noticed was your unique looks & personality, although I see that beauty runs in the family. Sorry that my effort in yesterday’s task was not satisfactory, I have ordered you a gift card from Le Labo which you should receive by email soon. I heard that this is your favourite scent so I hope it makes up for my poor writing skills. Dan x

Day 4

I really enjoyed this task as I love online shopping, I have picked out 5 items that I hope you would like to receive. First choice would have to be this gorgeous lingerie set from Honey Birdette, I love all their lingerie so it was hard to pick just one, I hope you like it as much as I do. Second choice was the stylish black Beret from your amazon wish list, ideal for Autumn season & it looks so eloquent. Thirdly I chose this William Wilde Black latex Mayfair mini Dress, eloquent & sexy it would be ideal for parties etc & I know that you love latex. Next I hope you would enjoy a Rough Trade £50 gift card as I see that you are passionate about music, not the most original of gifts I know, but at least you could choose your favourite genre. And last but not least I spotted these lovely Chelsea boots with chain detail from asos, Stylish & practical they are ideal for the women about town this Autumn. If they are not to your taste you could choose something else from asos with the gift voucher I brought for you. Happy Shopping! Dan x

Day 5

James is such a lucky man Mistress Adreena, I would love nothing more than to feel your warm hands cupping my balls & cage, whilst you simultaneously tease me with the heavenly vision of your toned, sexy body & the mellow, tantalising tone of your captivating voice. I can imagine the pleasure & the anguish as my cock strains against the bars of it’s cage, pulling the base ring & my balls forward with it. If I was granted 3 wishes, this heavenly experience would be one of them.

Day 6

I’m Glad that you had fun yesterday discussing our caged cocks & chastity with your friend Bella. I said that I would always be honest with you mistress Adreena so I will. This was not a cage strainer for me, I actually found yesterday’s task more arousing. You are both very beautiful ladies but perhaps my lack of titillation is because I have completed 2 weeks in chastity on numerous occasions, so for me week 3 is when things will become HARDER as I move into uncharted territory. Dan x

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