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Edward Wood
Edward Wood
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Do you own a device?

No, but I will get one immediately

Previous Experience

Not been lock before, Novice on the BSDM scene


Work is minimum 12 hours a day and some weekends at the moment


I’m a BDSM novice , just tipping my toe in the water.. High heels, stockings, leather Very vanilla I would say, need to experience some adventures..

Where is key to be kept?

I would send one to you and the other in a key safe

Why should I be accepted?

I can only hope you would relish the opportunity to encourage a novice into your world. Willing to give it 100% Hope to here from you soon Edward xx


This is something I can’t honestly answer, as have not experienced anything like this before.. It’s an open book..

Edward Wood
Locktober Submissions

Day 1

Mistress Adreena A bit of a cosy fit, but I guess that’s the point.. Don’t think I will be paying to much cricket this month.. good job the season is over. It’s feeling slightly strange at the moment, handing control of my manhood to a powerful Mistress. I’m on my knees as instructed, waiting for the next opportunity to please Mistress

Day 2

In reply to the first question, my night was interrupted 5 times by the most excruciating pain in my cock, trying to expand in a metal cage. Didn’t realise it happened so often during the night.. no idea what I was dreaming about.. I have been walking like buffalo Bill all day.. Trying desperately not to think about any thing that will get my blood pumping. Trying not to think about wanking at the moment.. What gets me hard is the thought of stocking tops rubbing against my face, the smell of a moist pussy, the first tasty as my tongue brushes over tops of her thighs towards the holy grail is enough to get me going.. Must not get to excited, the pain in my groin will put a stop to any enjoyment.. Hoping for a better nights sleep , no guarantee though.. Hope Mistress had a good night

Day 3

Mistress I would be grateful for the chance to spent some time serving one Mistress, two would be beyond my wildest dreams.. As it’s close to bed time, those thoughts will have to be suppressed to the darkest corner of my brain, at least until the end of the month.. My nights are the most difficult under locktober, my brain is sending all the wrong signals to the part of my body that can’t respond.. I’m woken by the most excruciating pain in my abdomen, it brings me back to earth with a bang.. and focuses the brain to control the sexual orientation away from my caged cock. Hope Mistress as a pleasant night. Think I will try some pain killers.. Sub 223144

Day 4

Mistress Thank you for letting me have such an enjoyable few hours. It’s helped direct my thoughts away from my caged cock.. still struggling with the sensations being experienced.. First on my list would be the May Fair Deep Tissue Massage, I’m sure Mistress would enjoy the soothing environment while Mistresses subs are straining in there cages! Second would be the Lovechild Boudoir Sugar Pony Paste Pink & Perl Briefs. I hope Mistress would agree the outfit would look exquisite on Mistress, Sub definitely thinks it would look stunning. Third Bordelle Ula Body & Harness another exceptionally sexy outfit, that Sub thinks would show off Mistress assets perfectly. Forth William Wilde Laytex dress.. what can Sub say.. leaves every thing covered and let’s the imagination run Wilde.. Fifth The Model Traitor lucen Rose webbed cage bra and spanking Girdle. The bra in a nod to Subs present condition The Girdle to be worn when administering punishment to disobedient Subs.. Once again Sub has enjoyed the shopping trip.. thank you Mistress

Day 5

Mistress The thought of Mistress holding my caged cock, is something I have filed in the deepest recesses of my brain. Before this journey started it would have been my biggest fantasy, I looked forward to the daily tasks like a child waiting for Christmas! Five days in the pain is excruciating, not getting much sleep to be honest, I was hopping my cock would have grown.. ( not literally ) used to being restricted, but at the moment it’s looking distant goal. The overnight boners over which I have no control are the worst, the the rude awakenings, bringing tiers to my eyes. I’m hopeful that things will improve over the next few days. I thought or hoped this would be a walk in the park, it’s more like crawling over hot coals. It’s going to be a long journey, hopefully rewarding at the end of the month. Then I would be more than ecstatic for Mistress to play with my caged cock and do what ever Mistress thinks this sub deserves.

Day 6

Mistresses It’s a double treat today.. two beautiful sensual Mistress together, I must admit as far as I’m concerned it’s so much more intoxicating, the gorgeous long neckline drawing the eye to your cleavage, ommg! Your beautiful exposed shoulders , slender arms, beautifully manicured hands, total perfection! True Goddesses worthy of total admiration and servitude! I can’t help noticing you have both the keys and the lock.. that Sub is lucky, I’m straining in my cage.. trying desperately not to encourage any sexual feelings, as this only increases the pain. The nights are the worst, my mind is playing crazy games with my cock, I didn’t realise until now how many times per night I get an involuntary boner. Still time to improve.. maybe try some herbal the before bed, try and relax more Looking forward to the next task with some hesitation.. but mostly excitement at the chance of winning exclusive photos So far this has been a most invigorating experience.. total blown my mind so addictive..

Day Six Bonus

Mistresses Sorry for the late reply, like Mistresses sub has also been out tonight.. A vanilla birthday party.. if only they knew why I was walking like John Wayne.. Nothing to do with the boots I was wearing.. The most difficult part was using the loo Urinals were out of bounds.. having to sit down in the cubicle , trying not to clink against the porcelain was an unexpected twist to chastity, who knew there were so many pit falls. First Belles favourite thing is knowing we can’t get any pleasure from being locked. I would like to disagree, I find the locked cage a rewarding experience, except during the night when my mind is running away with my senses, and forgetting I’m restricted,, I would like to thank mistresses for allowing me to be part of this journey for which I will be eternally grateful and marked.. Thank you both

Day 7

Mistress Thank you for your kind thoughts, been checking in all day, thinking I had missed the task. So pleased to see Mistress, it certainly is putting a strain on parts of my body, that under normal circumstances hang loose.. Being one of Mistresses caged subs, has been an eye opening, and on occasions eye watering experience. Mistresses guidance and advice has been most helpful, the thought of Mistress getting some kicks from her Sub caged is very satisfying feeling, makes the pain more bearable knowing Mistress is taking pleasure from it. Looking forward to seeing Mistress next task with excitement..

Day 8

Mistress This has been the most challenging task to date for me.. I’m a novice when it comes to BDSM, don’t have any toys, and only just managed to get the cage in time, took three attempts to get one to fit, I wouldn’t say it’s a comfortable fit especially at night.. I hope Mistress appreciates the sacrifices being made. I have tried to stretch my asshole with some tools I had available, I’m sure Mistress will see that it’s work in progress It may be a task Mistress is willing to work on along with other kinks in the future. In the meantime I will try and complete the tasks set to the best of my ability.. I hope Mistress can get a feel for the humiliation sub as suffered in Mistresses honer Hoping it gets Mistress weekend of to a satisfying start? Looking forward to tomorrow’s challenge.. with trepidation!

Day 9

Mistress James is indeed a very lucky boy getting so much attention from the most Exceptional Mistress, is beyond my wildest dreams.. It’s my hope to be in James shoes so to speak one day.. I’m hoping Mistress will take me under her tutelage and mould me into the perfect Sub I must admit so far this as been an eye opening and on more than one occasion watering experience . Day 9 time fly’s when your enjoying your self.. Looking forward to seeing the next task Thank you Mistress

Day 10

Mistress You are the ultimate treat for my Sunday,, Just wishing I could access the keys quicker.. I know how much Mistress enjoys having us caged, the temptations are so many, chastity certainly dose focus ones mind.. Got to day 10 which is all ready further than I expected. I have completed tasks I never thought possible, all to honour Mistress. I’m sure Mistress knows how incredibly intoxicating she is.. One thing is for sure I will grin and bear it to the end.. Censured is the most appropriate name the the lingerie .. being in Chastity, can be tough.. but not hard.. I’m just absolutely addicted to Mistresses Posts, can’t wait until tomorrow… unless fingers crossed maybe a Sunday bonus appears for all the dedicated Subs.. Hopping that you find my messages Interesting , and I’m given Mistress some entertainment .. Until the next post, Hope Mistress enjoys her day x

Day 11

Mistress Pure Genius.. the cooling eastward breeze was so soothing on my extremely taught balls..something akin to what I can only imagine an angles kiss feels like., Winged type, but I’m sure Mistresses touch is equally delectable.. So too the task in hand I’m down on the farm in the calf pen, they were very inquisitive.. I can confirm their tongue’s are extremely rough… Not something to recommend on these taught balls..nevertheless the fresh air works wonders.. Something I will have to continue when the going gets tough.. I’m definitely not as accomplished as Mistress is at photography, hopefully Mistress see the potential.. Looking forward to the next task Thank you Mistress

Day 12

Mistress This is right up my street, I’m a very hands on person, foot worship is an excellent way of expressing one’s devotion.. Must not get too excited, no need to shout down boy, the cage is securely locked.. Even Houdini would struggle to break free.. What I personally have found most difficult, is during the night when every thing should be relaxing.. all of a sudden I get the most excruciating pain as my brain triggers the blood to pump into my cock, which can’t respond no matter how much it wants to. This leaves the pelvis bulging and so hard it’s unbelievable. Once a night would be manageable.. but it’s happening four or five times.. never thought I was that active during the night, it doesn’t normally wake me up. During the day it’s more manageable, the occasional twinge, when some skin gets caught… Walking a bit bow legged seems to help.. The most enjoyable part is seeing Mistress once a day issuing the day tasks , a bit corny I know but I’m totally intoxicated by Mistresses persona Dedication can be expressed in several ways, being caged for Mistress is an excellent way of expressing one’s devotion It’s help me focus and understand how powerful it must feel to be in control of what a lot of men think is there biggest asset.. Only not at the present time.. as Mistress is holding the key.. the loss of control over what was my manhood, but is now Mistress manhood is perversely extremely rewarding ! On the plus side I can’t play with myself, I’m hoping Mistress will.. Your devoted Sub 223144 Photo attached getting out of the shower

Day 13

Mistress Please forgive my earlier indiscretions I have taken the liberty of sending Mistress a small gift as means of recompense. I see that one of the gifts as not been sent to Mistress , Sub will have to look into that.. Your devoted Sub 223144

Day 14

Mistress Indeed it’s very disappointing end to week two. All ways one to look on the bright side of life.. seeing part of Mistress is a treat and well worth the wait.. It’s the high light of the day or evening in this case. I hope to be able to to complete the remaining tasks to the best of my ability, and provide Mistress with some entertainment along the way.. Looking forward to the next task.. Thank you Mistress for being so tolerant of this over excitable newbie Your devoted Sub 223144 Ps I hope the Amazon delivery arrives safely tomorrow morning.

Day 15

Mistress Thank you for such an incredible sensually shot video.. truly stunning.. Mistress possess many amazing talents, and knows exactly how to make the most of them! I have watched it several times already, I’m intoxicated by Mistresses captivating natural beauty.. It puts my efforts to same, makes me feel somewhat inadequate.. My treat for Mistress seams not to have been delivered again today I can only apologise.. most disappointing. Will contact Amazon again tomorrow hopefully get it sorted out. I hope Mistress has a great week end.. Here’s hoping for a better start to week three.. Your devoted Sub 223144

Day 16

Mistress Yes I have been urinating in a cubicle, sitting down it’s easier to control the spray.. It can be somewhat unpredictable at present, one also has to be careful not to clang the cage against the porcelain.. On more than one occasion I have had to make out my loose change had some how ended up in the khazi, the other guys gave me a weird look when I came out. At least it gave them something to talk about.. Using the urinal is a bit more tricky, it’s not easy trying to get a cage though the zipper.. One bonus though no risk of getting ones foreskin trapped, now that is an eye watering experience, just thinking about it ouch.. This task was one I never expected to be asked to complete.. Mistress is full of surprises.. Video clips are a bit short.. can only upload 30 seconds and I can’t get the compression to work.. I hope Mistress finds them entertaining.. Mistress enjoy your weekend

Day 17

Mistress Totally blown away by Mistresses beauty.. I’m lost for words .. totally intoxicated.. I have captured a few of my experiences so far this week end in the enclosed video clips… No where close to Mistresses videos, but hopefully will bring a smile to Mistresses face And some amusement.. This month has been a huge learning curve for me.. Forgot to turn the Hair dryer to cold to start with… Your devoted Sub 223144

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