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Do you own a device?

No, but I will get one immediately

Previous Experience

I am a novice to male chastity, this will be my first experience. I know it's not the same thing, however, I'd done semen retention for 70 plus days. Locktober Submission Limitations: I have 2 little daughters, 2 and 3 years old. I look after them at least 2 full days a week.


I have 2 little daughters, 2 and 3 years old. I look after them at least 2 full days a week.


I love non-consensual activities. E.g. merciless strapon face fucking - I love girthy/large dildos. For example; the Vixen Outlaw. I also have a kink for sweaty, stinky, grubby feet! I enjoy pegging, I find anything that involves gagging highly pleasurable. I enjoy watersports, face sitting, I also have a kink for spitting, I enjoy face slapping, foot slapping, hair pulling, throat grabbing. I also have a thing for lips and love seduction play.

Where is key to be kept?

I have a session with you on the 30th of September. I was hoping you could lock me in chastity on that day, and at that moment I will happily hand over the key to you. I would also like you to unlock me. So if you were to accept my application, we could potentially discuss pre booking an unlocking session for the first week of November.

Why should IΒ be accepted?

I'm extremely self-disciplined - if I say I'm going to do something - I will do it! I'm always giving myself challenges - I get through each one without fail - Whether that is a 30 day push up challenge, meditation, semen retention, writing a book etc. Having said that, when I'm looking after my two daughters, unfortunately, I will not be able to commit to your challenges. Nevertheless, when I'm not looking after my little ones, I will accept any challenge you give me without fail. Lastly, I have my own website and write blogs regularly. I wanted to create a Locktober journal via my site where I will write about my daily chastity experiences with you.


No hard limits as such, however, I have some questions that I would like to know the answer to; do I have to wear it during bedtime? Or when going for a pee? Can I take it off to clean it or lube it -if it feels uncomfortable. Nevertheless, none of the above are hard limits. I'm going to a concert on the 15th of October. At most hip-hop events; the toilets just have urinals, could I unlock myself for that evening - since it'll be very difficult to use a public urinal with a chastity device.

Locktober Submissions

Day 1

Being locked for you, unlocks something deep inside of me. An overwhelming, vulnerable sensation. I love giving up control to you, because you are my ethereal Goddess, pulchritudinous Mistress and I know that it brings you pleasure and joy to see me horny whilst being denied at the same. Knowing that makes you happy, also makes me happy. Although my penis belongs to my body, it is solely in your control.

Day 2

"You look at me with prodigious, alluring eyes. In a soft yet imperious voice "Kneel before Me, at once!" You thoroughly and embarrassingly inspect my naked, vulnerable body. You put a collar around my neck with a leash attached. You pull it firmly towards you, gently run your fingers across my lips, my mouth gaped open as you finger fuck my dry mouth. I manage one mouthful before I start to gag. I find the gagging sensation highly pleasurable! My cock throbs by itself, I desire desperately to stroke my cock, however, I am forbidden to touch my cock. You slowly remove your fingers from my mouth. "Open your mouth wide" As always, I follow your instructions, you spit in my mouth, a derisive chuckle as you look upon strings of spit drip from mouth and down my body. "Do you like having my spit in your mouth" I instantly responded. "Yes, of course!" you slap my face with such force. "You must address me as Mistress! Am I making myself perfectly clear?" "Absolutely! I sincerely apologize, Mistress!" "You will now be punished accordingly." You put on a harness, then Slide the Vixen Outlaw dildo through the harnesses O ring. You adjust the hip straps, then tug on my leash. You stand in front of me "Open up your mouth as wide as it will go." You shove your cock down my throat. You grip the back of my skull, my head bobbing up and down, you go deeper, harder, faster, ramming your cock down my throat until I gag. Of course, I had tears streaming down my face. Although my throat feels sore, The feeling is truly euphoric. Oh I am such a filthy slut for Mistress Adreena!"

Day 3

Twice as much fun Games session (Mistress Adreena and Twin Sister) Twice as much fun Games session with Mistress Adreena and Twin Sister. This session will consist of activities, scores, funishments or Punishments. Your twin sister is in command of my own penis. She is my keyholder. Firstly, she will set us activities to do. Secondly, she will make a list of punishments and funishments, she'll then tear up the pieces of paper and put them into two separate hats. So here's an example of how the game is played. Your Twin Sister will assign activity. For example: Mistress Adreena will pee in a plastic cup. Then tie my hands and feet behind my back, then I have to figure out a way to drink Mistress Adreenas pee from the plastic cup without spilling anything. If I pass I gain points. Once I earn a certain amount of points, I will be unlocked and allowed to cum. Regards to the funishments or punishments - will be picked from a hat by your Twin Sister. Here are some examples of the funishments: foot worship, ass worship etc. Here are some examples of the punishments: impact play, CBT, orgasm denial/stay locked in a cage






Day 4

I picked the thigh Length lace up over boots, firstly because they are absolutely gorgeous leather boots and secondly, because you have a boot fetish. I picked the Latex Queen Basque & Belt because I can totally see you rocking this and I know you love latex. I picked the bondage belle because I've seen you wear something similar and this style really suits your attractive body. I picked the Dion leather full body because it compliments your stunning body. I picked the Kara Leather Fullbody because I can see you wearing this.

Day 5

If I had a genie lamp to rub on, I would wish for Mistress Adreena to hold and tease my cage putting me in a constant state of arousal. Exerting control over me, whilst you rub your long nails along my balls and grip them firmly until an unimaginable arousal begins to build inside my cage. A strange combination of feelings - pleasure and humiliation, Knowing that I can't do anything when my cock belongs to my pulchritudinous keyholder - Mistress Adreena x


Day 6

Okay, I'm not just dropping bars I'm raising the weight Will I earn double points for just playing the game? God the almighty! My cock is straining in the cage Although my hard ons are causing soreness, aching and pain Puts a smile on my face knowing that it's making your day The picture I'm painting is pleasure with the pain

Day Six Bonus

Belles favourite thing about chastity is Knowing that we can't get any pleasure unless Belle says so and when belle say's it's fine to do so X

Day 7

Day 8

I feel so teased and horny. The fact that I can't orgasm without your say so has intensified those feelings. Thank you Mistress for giving me the opportunity to humiliate myself for your entertainment x

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

As proud as a pea-cock!

Day 12

How it feels, It mostly feels great. It feels submissive and I like wearing my cock cage. Additionally, it is a good fitting cage. What you’ve enjoyed, It's the teasing part of chastity that I find most appealing and exciting. Funnily enough, although the morning woodie can be a little uncomfortable, on the order hand, I find it sexually arousing. I love being locked and denied, I like the challenge. I enjoy receiving daily images of your beautiful face and listening to your soft, authoritative voice. What's been hard Fitting into the right sized ring. At the beginning everything felt like a trial and error, my balls kept slipping through the ring. I went from a 50mm ring to a 40mm ring, which is now a snug fit. Additionally, I have experienced some soreness and burning sensation under my ball sack. Although I find the morning woodie sexually arousing, it does keep me up at night, there are times that I feel sleep deprived. what you’re learning. Applying diaper rash cream to the inside of the cage, and to the ring and around the sack has helped with soreness. Baby oil gel is my friggin' lifesavior! I will not score any points for this, but I discovered I do not feel teased by online teasing images or videos. It's made me realize how much I value real-time sessions and I've also learned that my willpower is so strong that abstaining from ejaculation doesn't feel like a challenge.

Day 13

2 4 3 3 4 1 2

Day 14

So judging by my results, I won a custom video from you. To be perfectly honest, I am not fussed about losing out on my free prize. I just feel upset


because you feel disappointed. I like making you happy and putting a smile on your face. Below I posted my fave photo of you. I love this photo because you look happy and seeing you happy makes me happy. This photo means more to me than any custom video, free prize, teasing photo or video


Hope you have an awesome day, Mistress Adreena



Day 15

Day 16

Video not uploading. As an alternative, I sent a photo.

Day 17

Look at what I have for you


Just tell me when and I'll bring them down to Inanna straight away


Have a lovely Sunday!

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Day 19

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