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Steven Shen
Steven Shen
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Previous Experience

I’ve been locked for a week and my keyholder actually takes my keys away. At that time I’m using cobra but now I change it to a belt one. The belt can not cheat and suitable for longer wearing. It’s been a tough week but I want to take a step further to take part in the Locktober.


I live alone so that we can have more opportunities. I do not have family members here in London. They are all living in Shanghai,China. I am a postgraduate student in RCA so on weekdays 10:00-17:00 I will be at the campus. There are plenty of time off-school and at the weekends.


Bondage Force Feminisation Spanking Anal Play Latex Gags Teasing Breath Control Tens Machine CBT Trampling …

Where is key to be kept?

A Password Protected Lockbox.

Why should I be accepted?

I know that I am late here but I am currently locked since 30th Sep. I have time and bravery to finish your tasks and want to be trained with a experienced mistress like you. I won’t let you down.


No Permanent Harm to Body No blood and poops Can expose in public area but with no one around Don’t include my mates and friends

Steven Shen
Locktober Submissions

Day 1

It's so cold when it get on my cock waiting my cock to synchronise the body temperature to the cage. The heavy cage remind me that my cock does not belong to me now. It belongs to my mistress. I will have no control on my cock forever. When the lock is locked, I feel so excited and looking forward to the tasks in the next month. I know if I will loose the prize if I am refusing. So I am willing to give my cock to you mistress. And I am so sorry on my mistake of the beginning. I deserve punishment.

Day 2

"Leaning forward, kneel before my mistress. Gentle breath pass through my ears and arouse the stimulation. I give up all myself as an individual man. Wearing the feminisation cloth makes me forget who I am. I almost forgot what's a normal sexual experience like. The only thing I know is to turn myself to a woman who controls everything about me. My value is all about being locked and tortured. Being tied up, wearing latex, all the crucial method you can imagine is acting on my body and I have no right to fight against because I enjoy all them. Every hole of my body is fulfilled and all I can do is just thinking in the mind and thanks for everything happening to me."

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Yes, my mistress. Yesterday’s video really gives me a unforgettable night. Your video make my cage so strain for the whole night and I barely have no sleep yesterday night. It’s been a tough week but it goes good so far. Your beautiful body shape and the latex clothing is kind like the drug to me currently. When I read and scoll the page and finally seen the photo of my mistresses holding locks and keys. My cock just failed to erect because of the cage but it fulfills all the space in the chastity. It make me quite painful. To show the apology to my mistress, I buy the Eyelash from the your Amazon wishlist. It will probably be delivered today. Thank you my mistress.

Day 7

Day 8

My mistress Happy Weekends. Here’s my photos and Wish you happy.


My mistress. Here comes the weekend and happy weekends. Here’s my photos wearing the bra and women’s underwear with Skirt and of cause the cage. Wish you happy.

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Dear Mistress, I come home late today so I can only finish the task at night. This is my first outside play, it’s so stimulating, afraid of being caught by people pass-by. But it’s very unforgettable and thank you mistress.

Day 12

Dear mistress, It’s been 12 days since it’s caged. I start to get used to the cage and I think it should be like that. However I am still conquering my willing of getting out and doing something bad. I behave more natural and confident in front of other people. But no one will know that under my pants is a heavy silver cage. There are still 18 days to go. Bearing and looking forward.

Day 13

Dear Mistress, I have a 4 for the final result. When I have two 1 at the very first, I think that I will be in the cage for an extra day for sure. But I get a four at the 7th spin. Thank you mistress!

Day 14

Day 15

Day 16

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19

Day 20

Day 21

Day 22

Day 23

Day 24

Day 25

Day 26

Day 27

Day 28

Day 29

Day 30

Day 31