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sub chris
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Previous Experience

Have been in and out of chastity for years. Started with cb, then holy trainer, then a custom hail bird. Also a cheap full belt for fun. Have gone months in the past or just days as required.


Not many limitations, can wear 24/7. Only setback may be doctors appointment need to make as i am turning 50 on the 30th of Sept. Need a wonderful colonoscopy.🥺 And check up. Nights are busy for me for work and also i am first responder. Besides that should be uninterrupted lock down. Funds would be tight but would make it happen.


Am a true bondage enthusiast. Love and kind tighter the better, from usual rope, cuffs , steel ❤️ to mummification, sleep sacks, vac beds, suspension , predicament bondage etc. Also love domestic servitude, sensory deprivation, gags, hoods, clamps all of it. Feminization, sissification, online servitude, and live.

Where is key to be kept?

As You wish? Send to You? Place in lock box which You can decide code? Or other?

Why should I be accepted?

Love to serve and obey a true beautiful Domme that knows what She wants and how to take it. Always willing to still learn and do as commanded. Push the limits without breaking. Loyal, good communication, and dedication.


Scat, beastiality, kids, blood, piercing, knives, marking, financial, illegal, blackmail.

sub chris
Locktober Submissions

Day 1

Honor to be under lock n key for You Mistress. The tightness and weight will be daily reminder of who Owns Your cock.

Day 2

"Walking down the street when a beautiful tall Woman standing on the side of the road asked me for assistance.  She says Her heel had broken.  i offer to help Her.   As She lifts Her foot as to show me Her trench coat falls open reveling a tight long latex dress with a  handcuff belt, stockings, and thigh high boots.  She was stunning and i was at moment of awe.  Not paying attention to Her long latex gloved hands She pulls out a hood and pulls it over my head as i am bent over looking at heels.  i struggle a bit in shock but by this time She was behind me and pulling my elbows together.  i hear Her say get him in the van and then realize She is not alone.  my feet were swept up and i was placed in back of a vehicle.  i struggle but as soon as i hit the floor my ankles and wrists were bound together and the hood was lifted up just enough to push a gag in my mouth then laced up tight and straps secured as i heard the clicking of locks.  i squirm and try to roll but to no avail.  i hear the voice again as She yells out use the bag.  Not knowing what to expect i was hoisted up and laid back down and i could feel my shoes come off and feet tucked into something.  my wrists were released and my arms were forced down what felt like sleeves then i feel my body being surrounded and a zipper being pulled up as my torso is squeezing tighter as i realize I am being secured in a leather sleep sack from head to toe.  i was immobilized as the zipper was pulled complete but that wasn't enough i feel it get even tighter as they are also tieing the outside with rope.  When i thought they were done i was completely helpless and didnt know what to do.  After what felt like forever i sense the van stop and the doors opened.  i was being pulled out of van and then felt myself being laid down again but in a more confined area as my knees were pushed up and neck pushed down.  i hear thank you ill get him from hear and i hear what i think was a trunk lid close.  i hear vehicle start and again moving.  What seems like an eternity the vehicle stops and i hear a garage door close and the trunk open.  i feel my shoulders being pulled on and propped up.  i hear what sounds like a electric motor and all of a sudden i am being yanked out of trunk and what feels like being suspended by the shoulder straps.     All is quite then i feel a touch of someone running their hand around my body.  i was nervous and i struggled a bit but knowing i had know way out.  i hear a chain and a tug by my feet then the electric motor again and i feel body being stretched a little obviously they attached my feet to floor and raised my head as to pull tight to limit movement.  "Don't pay to struggle you aren't going anywhere" i hear as She giggled.  Then one of the Zippers of the bag by my crotch opens and then my jeans being opened.  i feel the touch and caress of my cock and balls being teased and then my underwear being ripped off and She says " You will never were mens underwear again." Ok around my cock and balls.  Thinking it was a cock ring i wasn't to scared but then i felt a cage being applied around my shaft and then was asked to smell.  Not knowing what i was smelling She explained it was thread lock glue and would be applied. to the screw to lock cage for good.  my heart began to race thinking to my self this can't be happening.  Once i was cock locked felt my body lowered to the floor and the sleep sack was opened as my sweaty body felt air again.  "Get up" She yelled as i tried to get to my feet the locks on the hood were opened and lacing loosened.  "close your eyes " She states as She removes the hood.   laughing She tells me to open my eyes and their She was the most beautiful latex clad Dominatrix i had ever seen.  As i look around W/we were just in a back garage where the hoist is used.  "Do You understand where you are?" She asked and i shake my head no as i was still gagged.  "Good and nobody else will either.". She stated.  "Now strip" She yells.  As i remove my clothes She throws them in a wood burning stove in the corner.  Then She lowers a bar from the ceiling with hoist again and secured my wrists to each end and lifts me just of the floor.  She grabs another bar and placed it in between my knees spreading my legs as far as possible.  She leaves the room and another hooded person with a collar and ankles chained together just enough to walk enters and grabs some tools.   Ok he was going to weld them on.  i squirm and kick a little and then i feel Her behind me grabbing my waist and ass.  As trying to not allow him to weld cuff i lost track of Her and that's when i felt a lubricant injection into my ass.  i jumped and try to look back yet try to keep eye on welder.  feel the heat from the welding and try to scream but then i get a surprise object rammed up my asshole.  i gasp and jerk then i feel it getting larger and larger till i can't take it them She dangles a padlock on front of me and laughs."

Continued....... "never used a locking butt plug before?".  i shake my head no and hear the click of the padlock on the expanding lockable plug.  Now also  realized that the cuff and a chain had been welded on to my ankle as She whispers into my ear " You belong to me now!".    i was lowered and was looking at the perminit cuff and chain locked to floor.  i was in disbelief.  im now a forever slave or a Dominatrix to be used as She sees fit.  She returns and pulls out gag.  "Anything you wish to say She whispers?".  i just looked into Her eyes and couldn't even speak.  "I didn't think so"  She giggled.  She then turned me around and their was a tall narrow round  cage and was instructed to get in.  Once in She closed door was just enough room as bars squeezed me in and She locked with a Large padlock.  Then She slid a plate around my neck and locked into place keeping my head out of cage but not able to move.   Next my new chained ankle was secured to bottom of cage platform and my wrists were both secured to each side.  She walked away grabbing control to the hoist again and lowers to top of cage and connected.  She lifted me up slightly just to open the round hole in the floor same size as cage the began to lower me into the whole.  She stopped just before head was to disappear and stated "welcome to your new home". laughing as i was lowered rest of the way till She closed lid to whole which left me in total darkness.  Cock locked, ass plugged, chained, caged, and buried wondering what will come next.

Day 3

Absolutely stunning and gorgeous Ladies. Double Domme would be the hottest duo to serve and a honor to please You both...

Day 4

1 - latex skirt simple but yet erotic and form fitting to show off beautiful curves and shine. 2- straps and chain powerful and sexy in control and to be worshipped. 3- metal and leather combo garters sexy and strict look to be tight and Stern. 4- latex bra panty set for curve worship and sex appeal to leave no imagination. 5- latex dress for night out of power and sexiness to stand out and be known as the more powerful and beautiful Domme.

Day 5

YES! OMG, yes Mistress Adeena would be honor for You to hold and do as You please to Your property...

Day 6

Day Six Bonus

First! Boys can't get any pleasure.


Day 7

Day 8

Feminization, plugged , locked , gagged and hooded for Your pleasure.

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

As You request Mistress Adreena

Day 12

Have been doing ok caged and locked. Have been locked many times for long periods in the past so no big deal. Had a few tests with some beautiful pics and videos that made me strain along with some frustrating morning wood or attempt at morning wood. Along with sitting for bathroom breaks and adjusting for work. Only trouble was forgot as i passed thru a metal detector and had to explain my predicament. Otherwise outdoor shoot was fun. Obviously im not as good as others but hope still makes You smile.

Day 13

Thank You Mistress Adreena

Day 14

Day 15

Day 16

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19

Day 20

Day 21

Day 22

Day 23

Day 24

Day 25

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Day 30

Day 31