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Do you own a device?


Previous Experience

Keyholder experience….hmm 3 days with a Chinese mistress and 2018 it was the 30days chastity with you. Since than I lock myself a lot. Longest so far has been 340 days.


Limitations not to stay locked? Or do you mean for contact? Well, during work hours I might not be able to immediately reply or get on the phone, but I always should be able to get back to you quickly. But I won’t be able to do calls or video calls after 7pm. Messages or mails are no problem.


Surely you won’t remember since we didn’t have contact for a while. I do enjoy verbal humiliation, love being used as spit bowl or ashtray, face slaps and pegging is also favored, I think I like golden shower. Public play (Not involving others to recognize….but I’m sure you know how to play without others seeing it) Sounding was quite interesting I did dress in female underwear, stockings and heels as well as a requirement from a mistress but to enjoy that the right mood must be there. I believe that’s what I can think of atm the moment.

Where is key to be kept?

I can sent to you my keys or I can put them in a lockbox and sent you the lockbox key.

Why should I be accepted?

As mentioned I had the honor of being accepted in 2018. It was a mind changing experience for me and have locked myself a lot since this. Due to the lockdowns I missed to apply 2019 and 2020. I’m very much hoping I get the chance with this application again. It is a very special feeling to give yourself to a keyholder and there are not many persons coming to my mind with whom I would love/dare to do so for a defined duration. It involves a lot of trust and a huge power loss for the caged person. Another reason why it would be great to be accepted by you.


Anything illegal Drugs Involving others (unknown bystanders) Permanent marks Make-up Chest, arms or leg shaving Nail polish

Locktober Submissions

Day 1

Being locked for you feels always right. It fills my head full of delight. My thoughts circle about pleasing you, I’m dreaming about lying under your shoe. Hearing your voice makes me jitter Displeasing you is just to bitter.

Day 2

"Dear Mistress Adreena, When wanking I often imagined: Her mouth is moving towards me and whispers “open”, she spits and moves away. 2 slaps left and right are following “swallow” before slowly pushing a dildo in my mouth with the known order to suck it. After a while I’m pushed down to get on all fours. My ankles and wrists are cuffed to the floor. I can feel something pushing to get inside at my butt while a cold and wet sensation is sliding around my dick. The pushing continues to open me up, slowly sliding in and out whereas somehow the wetness around my dick has gone away but it feels as it’s also moving up and down, as if it is actually sucking. I open my eyes and can see legs moving towards me, slowly opening my mouth with her toes a hoarse “you know what to do” is reaching my ears. I begin to lick and suck toe by toe but it’s hard to concentrate with the ongoing movements in my ass and around my dick. Suddenly the toes move away and the legs are opening and I am enthralled from the pussy moving towards me. I can see the moist lips slowly moving in direction of my mouth. When they reach me I’m in heaven. 2 hands pushing my head down and against the lips. I begin to lick the lips left and right, circling slowly the clit before pushing my tongue deep inside. The hammering and sucking in ass and dick is increasing speed. Suddenly the hands push me down hard. “Open up and swallow!” Is the last I can hear before a seemingly never ending gush is filling my mouth and I try hard to swallow all. After I gulped down the last trickles some more slaps left and right in my face are following by “be happy, it’s all you deserve. Pleasuring me is not for you!” But I’m not capable of understanding what just happened since my orgasm is just starting and I’m shaking and moaning. And I’m cumming cumming cumming. I don’t know how and why but my cuffs are gone and tired I’m lying down. A plate is put in front of me: “clean it up slut, and let’s discuss afterwards how long it’ll be to get another orgasm”

Day 3

Imaging serving 2 of you at the same time will definitely end up in sensory overload. Just seeing the two of you already will increase heart rate by 100%. Thinking about possibilities…spitroasting for example. Or just serving you both during your dinner….bringing food and wine. Any sub having the luck to get to know both of you together will simply be in heaven

Day 4

Dear Mistress Adreena, I’m sure it’s impossible to find the perfect items since you might choose differently depending in which mood you are when you shop for items. I chose the following items: Cage Bra (Leather artefact) - it’ll surround your perfect breasts like a 2nd skin and you seem to always enjoy a boob flash Ula Basque (Bordelle) - a touch of bondage while still showing your amazing curves to play with your prey New York collection (atsukokudo) - strict, yet very feminine. A touch of sensual domme always suits you Bodysuit (Mariemur) - elegant and sensual bodysuit to express power with a hint of vulnerability Ruby Body (Edge o’ beyond) - the ultimate illusion of revealing everything while still hiding enough. Your amazing tattoos will mesmerize anybody with this one putting them perfectly to display

Day 5

Thank you very much for this treat. Indeed imaging you holding the cage directly results in a very tight cage and a throbbing penis.

Day 6

Seeing you with keys and lock while being caged is giving us a strain immediately… The cage is directly much too small and crazy thoughts are circling through our brain. Concentrating becomes difficult….

Day Six Bonus

Dear Mistress Adreena, I’m definitely not first since I fall asleep and just saw the post this morning, nevertheless I’ll still reply if I may: Her favourite thing about chastity is that we can’t get any pleasure Your favourite thing is to imagine our morning wood restrained against the hard cage.

Day 7

Thank you very much for this encouragement. Being locked is what we deserve :) and being locked for you makes it more pleasurable but also harder every day. Since the thoughts are increasing day by day the cage also gets more tight day by day. Of course especially in the mornings, but also whenever we read, hear or think of you…. Thank you for this opportunity!

Day 8

It’s an honour to follow up with your request. I think there’s a possibility this will put a smile on your beautiful face . Have a great day.

Day 9

Horror and dream in one scene :) It’ll be brutal to meet you in such situation in reality. The cage will nearly explode….

Day 10

Of course this just tightened the cage immediately

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13

Dear Mistress Adreena, I got no.6. If you agree I’d like to add another day in chastity instead of getting a free OF day. Thank you Mistress

Day 14

Dear Mistress Adreena, I’m sorry to hear some persons have cheated. You don’t deserve this at all! After all you put endless efforts for all of us in this month. Thank you for punishing all. Hopefully this or these persons feel bad now for letting everyone down. Have a great day

Day 15

Oh my….the gorgeous one gave us such a special video treat….I’m pretty sure all of us lost their way of thinking watching you :) Thank you mistress! The one and only….

Day 16

Dear Mistress Adreena, Luckily for me I had dinner outside in a restaurant tonight. So it was possible to fulfill your task….

Day 17

Maybe you can smile a bit… Have a great weekend mistress!

Day 18

Day 19

Day 20

Day 21

Day 22

Day 23

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Day 25

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