Locktober 2021

Just when you thought lockdown was over...

Relinquish your freedom...

Those of you who know me will know of my love of keyholding. I love to take total control of a man’s cock and mind, knowing that you are submitting fully to me and my desires and falling deeper into submission.

Join me for a month of tease, denial and mind play. See if you’ve got what it takes to relinquish control and give yourself over to me.

Locktober is back and this is my biggest, most interactive month-long challenge yet. I cannot wait to start this journey with you... Don’t miss out. 

For experienced players and novices alike, Locktober is a chance to explore chastity play in my capable hands. I've put together a whole month of content designed to not only thrill and excite, but also delve deeper into what I see are the benefits of chastity play - to strengthen the bond between Mistress and keyholder, and to focus your mind on what’s most important: your submission to me.

Are you interested?

A note on keys…

Safety is important. My preferred method of keyholding is a simple chastity key lock and tag. Under no circumstance will I take both keys. You may send your key to me to hold, but keys must be sent tracked and be aware that there is a risk they can be lost in the post. Alternatively, you can also use lockboxes to keep your keys.

What happens once you have my keys..?

Successful applicants will receive a video from me on October 1st instructing them to lock for me. Then the fun begins.

Chastity subs will have exclusive access to my Locktober members area, where I will be sharing exclusive photos, videos, teasing and tasks to complete. The challenges are optional to complete, but successfully completing tasks accrues points. And the more points you earn, the more personalised content and rewards you will receive.

Underperformers may be punished…

And there are prizes too...

Subs that rise to the challenge, so to speak, can win prizes ranging from free sessions with me at Inanna, custom content and new chastity cages. You have the opportunity to collect points throughout the month that will win you rewards. You can also opt out of additional tasks and challenges.

Apply for Locktober 2021 now...

There is a tribute of £250 for a month of denial, stimulation, tease and unfettered access to me. To apply, complete the Locktober submission form. Be aware that spaces are limited and I will be making my selection based on your application - so be polite, be thorough, be attentive.

The deadline for applying is September 20th, and successful applicants will be informed by September 25th.

Your contact details
*Now read...
I am only taking on a small, select number of successful applicants, so you get my full attention. Places are limited and not all applications for Locktober will be successful. If you have not received a message from me by 23/09/2021 then unfortunately you have been unsuccessful this time.

Thank you

...for your interest in being locked up for Locktober. I will review your application and respond if you are successful.
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