January 26, 2021

A FAQ to Chastity, by Slave R and Slave J

Thank you to my wonderful, loyal boys Slave R and Slave J for thoughtfully putting together this FAQ on chastity, and the experience of being locked by Me. If you're curious about learning more about chastity, I highly recommend you take a look at this....

Should you decide to take the plunge, head over to House of Denial for the highest quality cages and best possible aftercare.

After that..? I think you know what to do.

Part One

Two of Mistress Adreena's chastity submissives J and R have enjoyed periods caged in the service of Mistress. They have taken some time to interview each other about their experiences, why they find it enjoyable, and what it means to be locked by Mistress Adreena. In this first part of the interview, they explore how chastity works in practice.

First question, how long have you been locked by Mistress Adreena?

R: So I had my first session with Mistress in March 2019. We played a few more times before I suggested we try chastity, Locktober of that year in fact. I can remember feeling absolutely terrified to walk out of the door of Inanna being locked for the first time. Last year, however, any trepidation was gone. I completed a total of 212 days locked in 2020, a feat we're both really proud to have achieved.

J: My first session was in September 2020 and I requested to be locked from the start. This was initially for periods of around two weeks but we gradually extended that. I am now approaching 50 days since my last orgasm. The current UK lockdown has been a factor in this but we had planned to increase my time in chastity anyway. It amazes me how different chastity feels the longer I am locked.

Can you describe the chastity arrangement/agreement you have with Mistress Adreena - how does this work practically?

R: This has definitely evolved over the last year. Originally it was with a physical lockup and release and a set time period like the month of October. 2020 threw a bit of a curveball at us with regards physical sessions, so several times there has been virtual moments of locking up or release. In general though, the arrangement is that I am occasionally allowed periods of time out of the cage, but when Mistress wants me back in it, I am locked for as long as she wishes.Now many fantasies or erotica give the impression that you can undergo long term wear of a device with no ill effects. Sadly I found out that if you don't take precautions, your little fella can get quite sore and raw after a while. So I am allowed a key, which I keep in a small clear plastic box on my window ledge. Every Monday morning, I am permitted to remove the device for a thorough cleaning and application of ointment if needed, before going straight back in the cage. If there is noticeable soreness, I am permitted to request some time out of the cage but that's not required very often.

How do you cope with long term wear - is it painful?

J: It takes a while to get used to wearing a chastity device; all the advice is to start slowly with a few hours and build from there, adding more hours each day. It's very unlikely you'll be able to wear it 24/7 from Day One. When you are ready to try sleeping in chastity, it might be disturbed sleep in the first week or so but that does get better over time. Attempted erections can be slightly uncomfortable but more in an arousingly frustrated way; it should never hurt if the device is a good fit. Most of the time I'm really comfortable in the cage and I sleep fairly well. Mistress Adreena has lots of experience with locked submissives and she is always happy for subs to contact her if they are having any difficulties. Health and safety has to come first. I have a sealed emergency key at home, though fortunately have never yet had to use it.

How does this work for you as a kink - don't you miss orgasms?

R: I'm tempted to say 'yes of course', but the last year has really highlighted 2 key reasons why chastity works for me personally and as a kink. On the personal side, I don't mind sharing this - I have developed far too much of a reliance on porn over the years. It has led to me really struggling to connect with a Domme in sessions. I feel myself mentally going to places that I've gone to when I masturbate, more out of habit than anything. Not great when you're trying to make a real connection with another real person in the room. With Mistress's help, chastity has really allowed me to wean myself off of my reliance on porn. As a result the connection between us when we session has really grown into an electric scintillating shared experience.The second reason why chastity works is it satisfies one of my deepest kink desires - the need to hand over control - to really be in Mistress' power. I find power exchange of this sort utterly intoxicating. To hand something so many of us men take for granted and know that it is no longer my choice when or even if I am allowed to orgasm is thrilling beyond words. At first it was scary beyond belief, but I'm so pleased we trusted each other to keep pushing the boundaries of this activity. At times there's such a deep sense of serenity that develops in me, knowing that I no longer have any choices in regards that activity. I once heard the phrase 'The whim of the Mistress is everything' in an erotic book and it stayed with me ever since. That I am locked at Mistress Adreena's whim is a dream for me.

How did you decide upon your particular chastity device and do you have any recommendations?

J: Before I met Mistress, I had often self-locked in chastity for short periods and had experimented with a number of different devices. To be honest, it was trial and error. It's hard to give recommendations because it depends on your measurements and your budget. Most people agree the best 'starter' devices are made from plastic or silicon, like the CB6000 or the Holy Trainer. I started with those but eventually moved to a custom metal cage, though that was expensive and only something I bought once I knew I adored chastity. I have a piercing and I particularly wanted to have a cage that incorporated that as it adds a lot to the security. The most important factors for me are having a device that's comfortable (including for wearing overnight), where you can pee easily and keep clean, and that is secure enough that you cannot easily escape. Be prepared to try several devices before you find one ideal for you.

Part Two

This is the second part of subs R and J interviewing each other about being in chastity to Mistress Adreena. In this part, they discuss the importance of the keyholder/locked sub relationship.

How did you meet Mistress and find your connection through chastity?

R: We met through a mutual friend (TD) who identified similar qualities in us and knew we'd have a great connection. I'd been a bit wary about attempting chastity again with someone because of the commitment it takes. But after our first encounter I was having thoughts along those lines almost immediately - that's how much I trusted her.

J: I have R to thank for this. I read his testimonial on Mistress's website and I loved the experience R described. It was a massive motivation for me to contact Mistress myself. I had some previous experience being self-locked and some brief online keyholding, so I started my submission and sessions locked and have never looked back.

What do you most get out of being in chastity to Mistress Adreena?

J: It's the enhanced submission and the added closeness I feel to Mistress Adreena. The way I am handing over control, and enjoying the dynamic of Mistress deciding when and how I receive sexual pleasure. I have much stronger feelings of devotion, and a focus on how I can please and serve her better, which as a submissive very much warms my heart. Chastity also means we keep a connection even though there may be several weeks between sessions. And then when it comes to the sessions itself, playing in chastity and being released during play is mindblowing. It's not just about orgasm denial, rather the longer I am locked the more I appreciate a much wider set of feelings and emotions. Even approaching 50 days I'm still finding new experiences.

What's to stop you from cheating and unlocking yourself?

R: Literally nothing is stopping me unlocking, except my loyalty to Mistress. Of course I could take the cage off without permission, but I just know it would be the most unsatisfying orgasm of my life and in return I would have sure-fire knowledge that I had betrayed my word to my owner and Mistress. When I'm feeling that desperate, I message Mistress to let her know. She made it very clear from the start that this is a shared journey and she wanted to know about my struggles. If it's insane arousal, she is usually amused, if it's an emotional dip (usual in long term chastity) she is there with supportive and encouraging words. Either way those are positive reinforcements that allow me to either overcome the emotional challenge, or re-contextualise in my head the discomfort and welcome it because it gives her pleasure.

How does chastity play work when it comes to in person sessions?

J: Oh, you'll need to experience that for yourself! But be rest assured, if you want to experience chastity as part of your play with Mistress, you will be in extremely talented and capable hands. Like all play with Mistress Adreena, she takes you on an erotic journey that is quite simply out of this world, and has me buzzing for days afterwards. Mistress will sometimes post an update on chastity play on Twitter and on her Only Fans site that will give a tempting glimpse into a session. If you want to follow Mistress and are not yet on OnlyFans or AVN Stars you should be!

As we are currently in a national lockdown, what is the relationship like if you can't session?

R: There's no sugar coating that this is a tough time for everyone. So I try to check in regularly with an update on my chastity or to see if she needs anything. I've tried to see being locked in chastity as one long session, so it means primarily making sure that no boundaries are crossed with too much unnecessary contact, but also thinking of practical ways that I can show my support and service for her. So I've subscribed to both her AVN Stars and her Onlyfans and bought her clips as much as budget allows. Mistress livestreams every Friday, so I make sure to pop in to bond with her and her other subs. I also try to think about how to show appreciation to her as often as possible and so I buy her gifts regularly from her wishlist or other items I think she will like. But most importantly - in chastity I have to let her know promptly if I am struggling. She takes the care of her subs very seriously and just sharing about a struggle will ease it.

J: I agree with R, it's hard and I miss Adreena enormously. But we keep in touch regularly and actually I would find it more difficult if I wasn't in chastity. Through the cage, she is with me in spirit wherever I go. And as with R, I feel a deep sense of loyalty to Mistress and I also like to show my appreciation in multiple ways. Her online content is fantastic and really keeps me going.

Thank you boys, for such a thoughtful contribution to my blog. It's an absolute pleasure to own you both, I cannot wait to be able to unlock or lock you again. If you're looking to explore chastity, feel free to ask me your questions at mistress@mistressadreena.co.uk. For technical questions about chastity devices, I recommend you take a look at House of Denial. I look forward to caging you...

Mistress Adreena x