November 18, 2020

A Testimonial from Sub J

My first session with Mistress Adreena.

When I first found Mistress's website I was captivated. I loved Mistress's description of erotic empathy and sensual submission. I had though never been to a professional dominatrix before, and I was extremely nervous. I was worried that I lacked experience.

I spent over a week building up the courage to contact Mistress. I began by offering to send Mistress a giftcard, as a thank you for her lovely website and that I didn't want to be an anonymous voyeur, but also as a genuine expression of my interest submitting.

I followed this with an open and honest email, not too long so as to risk boring Mistress, but sharing some personal things about myself, expressing my fantasies about female domination and male submission, which I had never explored with anyone - and that I would dearly love to meet Mistress but I was beyond nervous and also I wasn't into serious pain.

Mistress was absolutely wonderful in her reply.

She explained that she welcomed new boys, a lack of experience was not a problem, sensual submission did not need to involve pain, it was understandable to be nervous and that any play could start very gently. What mattered was that I was polite, respectful, punctual, and that I met the terms she sets down for sessions.

We exchanged several further emails over the next few weeks. I felt increasingly able to share with Mistress the nature of the submission I was looking for, and my repressed kinks, and that whilst I had a small number of hard limits, I was open to exploring my soft limits over time. We discussed what a first session could involve, without losing any of the magic that happened on the day.

When the big day finally arrived, we spent most of the first hour chatting over wine (having conversation time with Mistress is lovely by itself). I found just visiting the studio went a long way to easing my nerves. Mistress creates a very welcoming atmosphere.  

I won't give any spoilers about the second hour, but suffice to say the way Mistress warmed me up, calming me whilst exciting my submissive passions at the same time, was breathtaking. I was in no doubt at the end that I wanted to book further sessions.

As I've progressed over subsequent sessions, Mistress has introduced me to more new ways to play, so the sessions have always remained stimulating and exciting. I am often floating throughout, sometimes almost overwhelmed by the physical and psychological stimulation, and the power exchange dynamic. I continue to buzz for several days afterwards, with warm memories that sustain me until the next session.I count myself as unbelievably lucky to be able to spend time with Mistress and, under her excellent powers of domination, to serve and live my submissive dreams.

If you have read this far and are considering approaching Mistress Adreena, my personal top tips would be:

1) Recognise and respect that Mistress is a true professional - she is an expert in the field of female domination and male submission

2) Read Mistress's entire website very carefully - many of the answers to your questions will be there - though it's okay to have further questions

3) Strongly consider asking Mistress if you can send a gift when initiating contact - that way she knows you are genuinely interested

4) Be polite, open and honest in your communications - it helps that Mistress knows what you are looking for and she can assess your compatibility as a potential submissive

5) You don't have to be into every kink or aspect of BDSM, but equally it's good to be open minded and so Mistress can be creative and have fun with you.

Thank you Mistress xx.