July 6, 2021

Adreena Angela for Paraphilia Magazine

Adreena Angela for Paraphilia Magazine

I've been a fan of Paraphilia magazine since I discovered it, and visitors to my studio Inanna will see it laid out on the table in the reception room. It's such a beautiful, thoughtful, fresh and contemporary look at kink and BDSM. So it's an absolute honour to be invited to contribute, and to be afforded so many pages. I'm very excited to have shared some pieces of writing with them, which are now published in this quarter's edition.

My contribution is three articles that delve into my kink life, from time spent in the studio and on tours. I share my personal intimate relationships, stories from the studio, and my attempts at understanding and helping the men that I've met in my work. It's a nerve rackingly intimate piece to share.

The stories featured here are selected extracts from a year long collection of writings based on my work and life within kink. I selected these three pieces as I hope they dispel people’s preconceptions of what it means to be a dominatrix, and what goes on in the private world of our studios and play-spaces. Each piece resonates with me emotionally in different ways- from how I engage with my work inside Inanna to my relationships with my client- the affection and sometimes concern I have for them or how they ended up on the path that led to me. Goodbye Forever was the hardest piece to share from the perspective of exposing emotional vulnerability as it touches upon my personal relationships and how my sexual wiring impacts upon the ways that I live and love.

The July 21 edition came out today and is now available to buy via their site. If you'd like to read my words and get deeper inside my heart and mind, I recommend you get yourselves a copy. Enjoy.

Three Hours in Marina Del Ray

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