June 30, 2021

Feedback from my boys.

I love to hear from my boys after sessions! This message made my day. Thank you, CL.

I just wanted to say thank you for the unforgettable experience you offered me yesterday. There is really not much I can say about you or our session, that I didn’t say before over and over again.
It was an amazing session and the fact that I wanted to stay in your studio forever, I think it is saying everything.  I found out some new things about me. I am not a big fan of pain, last time when I experience some pain in a session was almost 5 year ago, but with you was a really pleasant and fulfilling experience. Seeing you smile, everything became more fun and made me wanted to take more for your pleasure and to see my limits.
My nipples are still swollen and hurt, but it is a really pleasant sensation. Thank you for that! Probably your plan was to send me home with a reminder of you, but you didn’t need to do that (it is a bonus), you are always in mind and heart. Nipple play/torture was amazing. You are a master of nipple play or mistress to be politically correct.  
As I was saying during our session, we have an amazing connection and it is like you are reading my mind. I didn’t get the chance to tell you, that I would like to try electro again and that in 10 years of playing I never got the chance to be tied on the St Andrew's Cross (it was a dream come true). I didn’t get the chance to tell you that I would like to feel your boot on my head when in the worship position or your high heel on my back or that I would like to try some CBT. But somehow you knew all my fantasies and made them real. Thank you! Now I am just wondering if you read my mind or you implanted them there....
I realized that is not so much of what you do to me, but it is how you do it. I adore the way you are smiling (devilish most of the time) and eyes light up, when you are tormenting or teasing me.
Congratulations and thank you a lot on the way you managed our session. Alternating between a lot of pleasure, a little pain/punishment and waiting/rest moments.  I was so stressed that I will come to soon, which showed during our session probably, but the way you planned the play was the best version I could wish for.
What was the highlight of our session? Was it the time when I was tied up, you on top of me, playing with my nipples like radio buttons and putting your head on my body? Your hair brushing my body, your delicate skin and you perfume, made a WOW moment for me.
As I am writing this email, I am reliving our 2 hours together over and over again, so I can continue forever not being able probably to express how much it meant for me our time together yesterday, so I will stop here.
Thank you and I hope to see you again soon!