July 3, 2018

Reasons Why I Domme Vol. 2

"I'm trying hard not to kiss you." is something I hear a lot. I know.

That's why I keep my face so close to yours, keep your eyes on my parted lips.

That's why I stand so close my hair brushes your face and you can feel my breath. I test your resolve.

That's why when I part your lips and push my fingers in, press them deeper into your mouth, I do it with my lips up to your cheek. When I see you open up for me, I imperceptibly open mine.

That's why I smile when I see your eyes on my lips.

That's why when I clamp my hand over your mouth, I press my lips hard against the back of my hand, take your breath away with the force of myself, knowing there is this barrier of flesh and bone between us.

I know what you want.

But you can't have it.