July 23, 2018

Reasons Why I Domme Vol. 3

You know I love a rabbit in the headlights.

This one has been tied for a while, his hands up above his head, the rope knotted around the handle of my bedroom door.

I'm doing something to him, I don't quite remember what, but it must have been intense because he's shaking beneath me and his head is turned on its side, almost shielded under his arm.

I recall that whilst I was doing it, he had pads on his inner thighs, sending electric currents pulsing through him, making him twitch, and clamps on his nipples, slowly cutting off the blood supply.

And then it all stops.

His head stays turned to his arm pit but he turns his large, dark eyes to meet mine, without moving his head, and blinks at me, and shakes. He's blinking rapidly and his breath is shallow. I've never seen such a baby rabbit.

I'm looking in his eyes and he can't look away. When I reach out to touch his face, he startles. I put it there, and leave it on him.

I can feel his body is tense beneath me so I stroke his cheek, cup his face in my hand. His neck is stiff and he's flinching with my every movement, so I stroke him slowly, leaning down low so I'm close to him.

Slowly, I can feel him relax between my thighs, he moves his face towards me a little, slowly, the shaking stops, his breathing regulates and he's looking more calmly up at my face. I cup his jaw in my hands and smile at him so he knows it's okay.

And then I deliver him a hard, stinging slap across the face.