July 14, 2018

The Manifesto of a Strong Woman

You want dominant women, that's why you come to us. But if you want a dominant woman, then a dominant woman is what you'll get.

We cannot be powerful at your command, and weak and mailable when you want it.We're the way we are because we are strong women, with our own minds.

Don't come to us with your dick in your hands and your ideas of what we should be, and be outraged when we have a spine. Don't get affronted when you're rude and domineering and we politely stand our ground. Don't expect us to bend to your will.

Don't reprimand us for being good people, for saying please, or thank you and for having manners. Don't be so one dimensional as to assume that this compromises our authority.

A truly dominant woman doesn't need to be excessively cruel or bad mannered to prove herself. We don't need to try that hard. We won't compromise our beliefs to fit to your sexual ideals.

Don't dress up your own pleasure as ours in an attempt to get what you want; you may be that stupid but we are not.

Don't flatter us with faint praise. Don't be obsequious. We are not won over by empty compliments and servile platitudes. We don't need you to admire our bodies, we need you to respect our minds. We may be narcissists, but we aren't so easily won round. If you pay us a compliment- really mean it.

Don't top from the bottom.

Don't assume that because you pay for our service that you now own us. We cannot be bought, we cannot be owned; we are not a commodity.

Always remember our sexuality is our own, and whilst we are happy to share it with you, it does not exist for your entertainment. Always remember we get our pleasure through your pleasure; we do what we do to enhance your life.

All we expect in return is to be treated with the same respect.