August 30, 2018

Travel News: NEW YORK

I am very excited to announce my upcoming US tour to my happy place; New York.

I have now booked my trip, and will be crossing the pond October25th-November 2nd.

During this time I will be sessioning from a number of well located mid town dungeons, as well as offering softer foot worship and sensual domination from my Harlem apartment, close to one of the metro stops directly linked to Manhattan.

As my greedy American subs cannot get enough of their English Mistress, I do tend to book up early, so get in contact as soon as possible to arrange your session.I always absolutely love the American subs, and my experiences with submission and BDSM that I've played with out there.

I'll be offering everything from body worship to spanking, corporal punishment and sissification. I just can't wait!As well as this, I offer double domination with both one of my favourite play companions, Mistress Neena, and the well known and powerful Mistress Roxanne.

I get such a kick from having a play partner to tease and torment with, so double domination sessions tend to get priority.

I can't wait to meet you...Mistress Adreena xx

** Email me at to make your booking now**