Sju Housing Agreement

How did I get put in a single room? Students looking for individual rooms can indicate their accommodation and accommodation preferences. Single rooms (inside suites or apartments) are our most requested accommodation configurations. Students entering accommodation in the spring of 2021 would look for free space available in our current availability. The availability of certain spaces is fluid, as students can change their plans or cancel their tasks. This allows you to choose additional space options. Students are encouraged to organize all their preferences taking into account the more readily available double rooms. Please note that the presentation of a housing deposit does not guarantee participation in the housing selection process. Students who wish to have their housing deposit returned must submit their applications until the deadline set in the housing selection schedule. Applications for housing benefit claims received after the expiry of the deadline are rejected and the student loses a refund of the $500 deposit. Students who register for housing for spring 2021 will be accommodated in accommodation based on the preferences indicated in their housing application. Important note: all prior financial commitments, financial documentation requirements and previous balances must be met to allow the acceptance of a real estate deposit. Any attempt to pay a deposit with an unpaid deposit or documentation problem is not reflected as the payment of a deposit. Credits on student accounts for current or past semesters should not be used to satisfy a housing deposit for the housing selection process.

Visitors and visitors have been suspended for the 2020/2021 academic year; the following directive does not apply during this period until further notice. Spring 2021 Space Change Process Once mediation is completed in late November/early December, the Office of Residence Life proposes a space change period from December 7 to 18, 2020. Only students who move in the spring of 2021 can participate. The change of room is no longer allowed after the start of the spring semester. Students who have paid their down payment for the selection of accommodation and who have signed their application by signing their contract receive a notification of their email account in St. John, where they are informed of their application/housing date. Pet Policy Due to health problems related to animals living in residences, the only pets allowed for students are fish raised in tanks of less than 10 gallons. Violation of this directive may result in a fine per student in addition to cleaning costs and all other damage-related costs (i.e., pest control, if necessary) for the first offence. A second offence of this type results in an increased fine and other disciplinary sanctions.