Before contacting Me, read the notes below. Failure to do so could result in you being ignored. Being open, honest and respectful is the best way to ensure a good session.

*My name is not Andreena. Or Angela. Or Aindrea. You may address me as Adreena or Mistress, and that is all. ‘Babe!’, ‘Sexy’, etc, will not be tolerated.

*Make your message easy to read by using correct use of punctuation and grammar. I will judge you on this. Failure to do so may result in your message being ignored.

*Do not try to negotiate with me on a deposit or my rates. Do not ask for discounts.

*Ensure that the question of any sexual relations or disrobing will never arise. Costume requests may be requested, but are granted at my discretion. The final choice is my own.

*I’m open minded to your desires and sexuality, and not easily shocked, but please keep vulgarity out of my inbox.

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