Supply Chain Management Agreement Template

It is very important to 1.7 All offers and/or statements from the SCM relating to its products and/or services, such as circulation, format, frequency of publication, printing procedure, size and type of address database, number of subscriptions or broadcast, weights, size of each output, etc., are not mandatory. As a result, SCM has explicit reservations about derogations and/or changes of any kind and scope. Supply Chain Media reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change the format, frequency and mode of offer and/or broadcast without granting the other party the right to modify or terminate the contract. 1.15 Without due to damages, the SCM may terminate all or part of its contract with the other party with immediate effect, with a letter recommended and without judicial intervention if: 3.5 If the advertising contract does not contain a specific clause, the contract is deemed to have been concluded for a period of twelve consecutive months. Unless the advertising contract is otherwise provided, the advertising contract relates to at least the agreed space and SCM may exceed the agreed space, throughout the duration of the contract and in accordance with the terms, without prejudice to the other party`s right to terminate the contract in writing in accordance with the current termination period. Sponsorship fund: the royalty owed by the sponsor to SCM under the sponsorship contract for the use of the stand and other agreed services, as well as the general organisation services described in this agreement, which will be or will be performed by SCM. Sponsor: The party that entered into a sponsorship agreement with SCM for the event. 6.5 If SCM uses the services of third parties as part of the agreement, SCM will treat these third parties on behalf of the client`s expense and risk. The client frees SCM from third-party requests in this area. 1.27 SCM may change these conditions.

The amendments also apply to agreements already concluded as of the date indicated by the CMS. SCM announces such changes in a timely manner in a manner to be chosen by SCM which, in the event of minor changes, may be the publication of the amended conditions on the De Supply Chain Media website and/or reference to the modified conditions in the colophons of Supply Chain Media publications. It is only if the change in conditions has a dramatic impact on the rights and obligations of the parties that the other party is allowed to ask Supply Chain Media to pursue the agreement on the basis of the current conditions unchanged and not on the basis of the amended conditions. 5.1 Registration fee: the fee that the participant is due to the SCM under the participation agreement, given the participation in the event. 1.19 Force majeure understands, but is not limited to the threat of war, war, insurrection, mole, strike, boycott, interruption of service, traffic or transport, network disruption (data), state measures, shortage of raw materials, natural disasters, fires, nuclear reaction, machine failures and, in one way or another, all the circumstances in which the SCM cannot be obliged, according to the principles of adequacy and fair play, to implement the agreement in whole or in part. In the case of complex agreements, it is possible to add many pages of complex ALS, which are listed in the “Service Description” section and in the supplier`s responsibilities. Such an agreement should also indicate the conditions for SLais` modification, where the whole could perhaps disappear to its own back if you do not keep the ideas clear, and the lawyers firmly involved.