Ugfa Agreement

Founded in 2002, the organization is managed through a partnership agreement with the Central Student Association and the Guelph Co-op Campus. The canon is responsible for providing free access to news, classifieds and event lists for students at the University of Guelph and the City of Guelph. Unless otherwise stated in the agreement, the canon will not transmit personal data to third parties without your explicit consent. Advertisements containing adult products, content or services, erotic products or mature products, content or services are also prohibited. By transmitting original written content to the canon, you accept that the canon identifies you as an author. You also agree that the Canon can publish your works free of charge on the site for a period of at least one year. . To allay concerns about fraudulent posts, the canon requires all users to reside in Canada. Accounts created from outside Canada are immediately deleted. There are file type restrictions for photos (GIF, JPG, BMP or PNG). Photos should not exceed 540 x 360 pixels and are modulated as much as possible. From time to time, the canon may conduct online surveys for internal purposes to gather general information about users and their opinions.

Participation in these surveys is optional; no information is collected, except for information that the user knowingly provides. The identification of personal data will not be shared with third parties. If there is an error in the way the form is completed, the classification is not transmitted. Look for red error messages in the form. If the ranking has been successfully forwarded, you will be redirected to a new page. Contributing authors retain the rights to their work after publication; they may re-publish their documents after publication on the canon or request that their articles be removed from the site after a period of at least one year from the date of publication. The Works Council reserves the right to review the agreement at any time and without notice. The revisions to the agreement are published on the website. By using the website, users agree to comply with any changes to the agreement at any time in the future. It is the responsibility of users to familiarize themselves with the terms of the agreement and to behave accordingly.

By signing up for an account on the barrel, you agree that you don`t misrepresc drive by providing identifying contact information (name, address, phone number or email address) to someone other than you. thecannon reserves the right to block the publication of written content that interferes erroneously, inaccurately, misleadingly, defamatory, defamatory or in a person`s private life. By posting on event lists, you agree not to: Thecannon and its administrators use cookies to better understand how the site is used and improve site performance for our users. Thecannon does not use cookies to collect personal data about our users, and we do not sell information about our traffic patterns to third parties. The classified ads on the canon remain live for three weeks (with the exception of manual ads that run for two weeks). Three days before your ad expires, the cannon automatically sends an email reminder to renew your ad. At this point, you can go to My Classifieds after you log in and renew your class for an additional two weeks. Individuals who log into accounts on the site (“users”) or browse the website must comply with the provisions outlined in this document (“The Agreement”). By agreeing to the terms of the agreement, you agree to abide by the provisions if you use the site for any reason.

The canon is led by a business committee made up of elected officials from the CSA and the GCC, as well as individuals from the membership of these two organizations.