Valentine's Day

A day of tease, denial and mindplay...

Relinquish your freedom...

Those of you who know me will know of my love of keyholding. I love to take total control of a man’s cock and mind, knowing that you are submitting fully to me and my desires and falling deeper into submission.

Join me for a month of tease, denial and mind play. See if you’ve got what it takes to relinquish control and give yourself over to me.

Locktober is back and this is my biggest, most interactive month-long challenge yet. I cannot wait to start this journey with you... Don’t miss out. 

For experienced players and novices alike, Locktober is a chance to explore chastity play in my capable hands. I've put together a whole month of content designed to not only thrill and excite, but also delve deeper into what I see are the benefits of chastity play - to strengthen the bond between Mistress and keyholder, and to focus your mind on what’s most important: your submission to me.

Are you interested?

Would you like to join me for Valentine's Day...?

Hey cuckolds and chaste subs- Who wants to spend the most romantic day of the year locked and teased by me? I'm giving you an opportunity to do just that...

Join me for the day and you'll get to experience the kind of 'romantic" Valentine's Day date you have only ever dreamed about. Watch the video below to find out more.

In this one off, one day experience, you will start the day by locking for me under my video instruction. Once you belong to me you will be teased all day with interactive messages whilst you help me to dress for my date, choose a bar, watch helplessly as I tease you with my conquests and find out where my night ends- with photos and videos, if you’re very lucky.

What happens once I have signed up..?

If your application is successful you will be notified on the 9th of February. You will then receive your login details and a subID which will grant you access to my Valentine's Day digital playspace. Throughtout the day I will be sharing exclusive photos, videos, tease and the option to help me decide my day- from what I wear to how much I put out! I may even have the occasional, optional task for you to complete... After all, the devil makes work for idle hands.

Feedback from my Locktober 2021 experience boys...
"Locktober has been the most wonderful experience for me... beyond my wildest dreams..."
~subID 223144
" I couldn't believe how intoxicating it was to be under your control... I loved every second."
~subID 193248

Apply for Valentine's Day 2022 now...

There is a tribute of £75 for a day of denial, stimulation, tease and unfettered access to me. To apply, complete the Valentine's Day submission form. Your answers will give me better insight on how to plan my Valentine's Day date to make it as fun as possible for us both. Please note, spaces are limited and I will be making my selection based on your application - so be polite, be thorough, be attentive.

The deadline for applying is February 9th, and successful applicants will be informed by February 11th.

Your contact details
*Now read...
I am only taking on a small, select number of successful applicants, so you get my full attention. Places are limited and not all applications will be successful. If you have not received a message from me by 11/02/2021 then unfortunately you have been unsuccessful this time.

Thank you

...for your interest in spending Valentine's Day 2022 with me. I will review your application and respond if you are successful.
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